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What We
Actually Do?

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Our CCTV security system installation comes with a 2 year advancement replacement warranty.

Push Video cameras

We use passive infrared sensors (PIR sensors), which are designed to reliably detect people, large pets and other large, warm, moving objects. Our push-video cameras provide tested 99% accuracy that is triggered by people.

2MP/5MP/8MP cameras

We provide a range of CCTV cameras from 2 Megapixel (2MP) to 8 Megapixel (8MP). We recommend homes use 2MP/5MP, and large shopfronts upgrade to 5MP/8MP.

Motorised cameras

Motorised cameras allow you to remotely adjust your camera on your phone or NVR. You' ll never lose detail when zooming in or out with Optical Zoom. There is no need to handle the lens, saving you from opening the camera to adjust it.

Note: Advancement replacement warranty means that if your CCTV camera is faulty, we replace it instantly without any wait time for a replacement to arrive.



Did you know that all properties that are leased or sold in Queensland must contain smoke alarms that meet new guidelines by 1 January 2022? 

Owners must ensure that smoke alarms are:

  • Photoelectric,

  • Hard-wired or have a non-removable 10-year lithium battery,

  • Interconnected via a wire or radio frequency, and

  • Installed in every bedroom, hallway and on every level

Our service includes:

  • Installation and testing of all smoke alarms

  • Hard-wired smoke alarm installed by a qualified electrician

  • All products compliant with Australian Standard 3786 : 2014

  • Removal of redundant smoke alarms

  • 5/ 7/ 10 years product warranty

  • 5/ 7/ 10 years labour warranty


* Fire and Emergency Services  (Domestic Smoke Alarms) Amendment Act 2016 (Qld)  and the Building Fire Safety (Domestic Smoke Alarms)

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smoke alarm
security alarm
Smart Alarm System


We offer a wide range of the latest technology in security alarm products. Choose an alarm that suits your specific needs, whether it's a motion detector alarm, wireless alarm, or another of our extensive options. We can create a bespoke solution that meets your home’s requirements and install it at a time convenient to you.



We also install and service Intercom systems. We use Aiphone intercom system – the leading international manufacturer of intercom and security, known for its simple design, technical excellence, and award-winning customer support. Aiphone intercoms range from audio intercoms, through to sophisticated video entry systems, to enterprise-level IP communications with emergency call stations.

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